Global Game Jam 2009

Some weeks ago, I take part on the first Global Game Jam, an event that took place around the world in more than 40 universities where teams of two o three people had to design and develop a game in 48 hours!

There was no imposition on what tools used for develop them but here, in Niteroi – RJ, the tool thas was adopt for developing the game was XNA. This could help local judges to measure the games developed here.

In the begginning we saw a video of the contest organizers and attended to a local keynote about game design, which was very important to situate people that that is impossible to develop a complex game in 48 hours.

After that, the theme was announced: “As long we have each other, we will never run out of trouble”. Additionally, the maximum game play time could not be greater than 5 minutes and one of the following adjectives needed to be presented in the design: busy, travelling and tiny.

With this insane theme, our team that was formed by a leader programmer (me), a programmer (Andre Brandão) and a graphics artist (Jorge Lopes) started to think how to make a game with this theme. A lot of ideas came in but that was either very complex or did not fill the theme.

The Game

After about 6 hour of thought, we reached a game ideia that was not too complex, fun and was in conform with the theme.

The game is about a woman that wants to get married. For this, she needs to pursuit a man in a given time, which is more faster than she and he can wrap in the level boundaries. To help her with this hard work, she can throws various objects in the level, trying to block his passage. Below is some screenshots of the game:

Previously, I had developed a framework in XNA for 2D games, handling collision events, animated menus, scene manager, sound and things like that. This was very helpful to have the game finished in the right time as we could concentrate mainly in the game that we are developing.


At the end of the event, each team had to present the game developed, was it almost finished or not, for local judges. Some teams make very nice games while others, unfortunatelly did not accomplish it in this short period of time.

After all presentations, we reach the third place in all the games developed! To a game developed in this short period of time, we were very pleased with this as we developed a game that is simple, fun and have a great game play factor behind. Some photos of the hole event can be seen here as some other reports about the event.

Future Works

As future works, we plan porting it to web using Adobe Flash, enabling people to play it without the needs of installation. More levels will be added to it and a score mark will be implemented, saving the best time a person win the game in all levels.

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