Dominoes Talk in GTC 2016

In the last week I attended the GPU Technology Conference (GTC), which took places in San Jose, California. As expected, a lot of information and research have been presented, including the new GPU model to be release, called Pascal. I will address some of these new functionalities in another post.

Dominoes has been presented on the GTC and got some attention and interesting questions that could be used for improve it further. In case you have not attended GTC, Dominoes presentation can be found in Slideshare.

As promised in the conference for some of the participants that asked for Dominoes availability, I have finished the deployment of Dominoes. It can be loaded over the internet thanks to the Java Web Start technology, which is able to configure the environment and load the required libraries for Dominoes to work properly. However, due to the fact that Dominoes uses a native library, in this first version, it can just be used in a OSX operating system.

GPU Technology Conference 2016
GPU Technology Conference 2016

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