Direção Defensiva

[wpcol_3fifth id=”” class=”” style=””]Game developed using Unity3d for helping people driving better. It’s a car simulation where the player needs to make some delivery in a given time. The difference in Direção Defensiva is that the player needs to obey the traffic rules like stop at traffic lights, do not stop at crosswalk pedestrian and so much more.

In Direção Defensiva, I was responsible for developing the game play of the game. As a game that differs so much from traditional racing games, much of the game play was developed without any code base. As an example, there’s a level in the game where the player suffer from drunk effect. During this, all the input from the player needs to be dalayed and executed some time later.



During the game, I was also responsible for shader development, like the ones that simulate blurry vision. Some others shaders was also developed, one of them being responsible for simulating night effects.

Car’s AI that appears in the game was implemented by myself. This took a lot of time because instead of just applying rotational and translational matrix to make the car run, I used the built in physics of Unity.

As a serius game, Direção Defensiva needs to use steering wheel gamepad with force feedback, which was archived using an external DLL.



  • Night Vision
  • Drunk Effect
  • Car’s AI
  • Pedestrian’s AI
  • Gamepad force feedback

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Project Specs
Genre: Vehicle Simulation
Platform: PC
Team: 2 members
Language: C#
Framework: Unity3D
Completed: December 2010


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