Version control applied to image artifacts is a high time consuming and storage intensive process and, in many times, does not give a good awareness to the user. It is due the fact that performing version control in image artifacts requires the analysis of all channels of each pixel for performing operations such as diff, patch and merge. As an example, a common 1024 width by 1024 height image requires processing of 1,048,576 pixels during an operations. Each pixel requires the processing of its individual channel, performing a total of 3,145,728 operations for RGB images and 4,194,304 for RGBA images. Even worst, version control operations are performed using two images, except for merge operation, which requires three images.

IMUFF is the submodule capable of performing the three most important operations typically found in many existing commercial and non-commercial VCS for image artifacts, but using GPU to accelerate its processing.


IMUFF code
Image dataset

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